What is Apollo Duet?

Apollo Duet is a cutting-edge facial skincare system, uniquely combining three leading cosmetic technologies – 4th generation multipolar radio frequency (RF), electroporation, and iontophoresis. In addition, the system can heat patients’ dermal matrix, up to a temperature of 45 ºC, or cool their dermal matrix, up to a temperature of -20 ºC.

By using one or more of the Apollo Duet technologies, skincare professionals can treat a wide range of skin conditions, including inflamed and irritated skin, acne, various pigmentation, and facial capillary disorders. The system is also very effective in anti-aging treatment.

Apollo Duet allows users to precisely tune all parameters of the skincare treatment – technologies, temperature, intensity, polarity, therapeutic substances, and duration of each treatment stage – to fit patients’ specific skin condition, their tolerance level, and the defined therapeutic goals.

Apollo Duet is manufactured to EEA standards and is CE certified. It withstood multiple safety and operational inspections, to guarantee optimal skincare results and maximum protection of patients’ skin. The system incorporates multiple safety mechanisms and is intuitive and easy to use.

Apollo Duet was designed and developed by DB Pisga, Israel in collaboration with WEERO Korea. It is the product of both Israeli innovation and advanced Korean technology.