Multipolar Radio Frequency (RF)

Apollo Duet is an advanced facial skincare system, uniquely combining three leading cosmetic technologies – 4th generation multipolar radio frequency, electroporation, and iontophoresis. The combination of electroporation and iontophoresis is used to effectively insert therapeutic electrolyte solutions into the deeper layers of patients’ skin. The effectiveness of these solutions is greatly increased by heating the skin, up to 45 °C, to improve their absorption. Apollo Duet can also cool patients’ skin, up to (-20) °C, for a calming effect that allows restoration treatment for inflamed, sensitive, irritated and dehydrated skin. The combination of technologies allows for effective restoration treatment for a wide range of skin conditions, including inflamed acne, seborrhea, rosacea, pigmentation, and capillary disorders. The Apollo Duet radio frequency treatment is also very effective in anti-aging treatment.

Apollo Duet is very effective in anti-aging treatment – Its radio frequency handle emits radio frequency currents, pulsing through 4 electrodes. When these currents flow into the skin, the electromagnetic energy is transformed into heat, up to a temperature of 42 ºC. The heat evenly spreads within the dermal matrix, causing contraction of existing collagen 1 fibers and stimulating production of new collagen and elastin. These two processes result in a firmer and tighter skin, with better hydration and fewer wrinkles.

The Apollo Duet multipolar radio frequency treatment is much more effective than that of most radio frequency devices currently available in the market, for two main reasons:

  • Using the electroporation + iontophoresis function of Apollo Duet, cosmeticians can effectively insert hydration into patients’ skin tissues, prior to a radio frequency treatment. When conducted on a saturated skin, radio frequency treatments have a much greater anti-aging and skin rejuvenation impact.  
  • The Apollo Duet radio frequency handle incorporates a built-in heat sensor, indicating patients’ skin temperature in real-time. This is not merely a safety mechanism, preventing skin burns, but also allows for a very accurate treatment, precisely tailored to patients’ skin condition, and therefore yielding better results.


The head of the Apollo Duet radio frequency handle is flat, rather than round, with widespread layout of 4 electrodes. The flat head is not only more convenient for patients, but also enables much better contact with patients’ skin, thus prevents electrical disconnections and uncomfortable (sometimes even harmful) electrical sparks.

The radio frequency handle also emits therapeutic light of 630 nm, which stimulates skin cell activity.