Electroporation & Iontophoresis

Apollo Duet uses a combination of electroporation and iontophoresis to effectively introduce therapeutic hydrophilic electrolytes (called Derma Boosters) into the skin.

Electroporation – The Apollo Duet handpiece emits controlled, high-voltage electric pulses into patients’ skin. These pulses increase electrical conductivity of the cell membrane and modify the lipid structure, leading to formation of micro-channels in the outer layer of the skin. These micro-channels are utilized for transporting biological substances into the deeper skin layers.

Iontophoresis – In parallel, the same handpiece uses a low electrical current, running through two electrodes, to actively insert charged particles of electrolyte solutions through the hair follicles and the sweat glands into the deeper skin tissues. A uniform electric field stimulates dispersion of the solution ions across the dermal tissues, and increases the permeability of the skin cells.

Apollo Duet can heat patients’ skin up to a temperature of 45 ºC, to soften and dilate the skin, and improve absorption of the Derma Boosters even further. The system can also cool patients’ skin, up to a temperature of -20 ºC, to calm inflamed or irritated skin, and to facilitate skin restoration following aggressive treatment.


The combination of both electroporation and iontophoresis, with skin heating or cooling when needed, guarantees effective insertion of the Derma Boost substances into the deeper skin tissues, for maximum therapeutic results – boosting hydration, reducing inflammation, calming irritated skin, whitening, firming, and much more.