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All in One Skincare System

What is Apollo Duet?

Apollo Duet is a cutting-edge facial skincare system, uniquely combining three leading cosmetic technologies – fourth generation multipolar radio frequency (RF), electroporation, and iontophoresis

The system treats a wide range of skin conditions, including inflamed and irritated skin, acne, various pigmentation, and facial capillary disorders. It is also very effective in anti-aging treatment.

Uniquely Combines Multipolar RADIO FREQUENCY, ELECTROporATION and Iontophoresis

Apollo Duet uniquely combines three leading cosmetic technologies – fourth generation multipolar radio frequency (RF), electroporation, and iontophoresis.

Skincare professionals can therefore use Apollo Duet to initiate multiple therapeutic processes for their patients, including:

  • Boosting cell metabolism and slowing-down skin aging
  • Stimulating production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid
  • Effectively introducing therapeutic substances into the deeper layers of the skin
  • Significantly increasing skin hydration
  • Restoring the damage of aggressive cosmetic treatments

A Single Device Treats Numerous Skin Conditions

By using one or more of the Apollo Duet technologies – multipolar radio frequency (RF), heating or cooling the dermal matrix, electroporation and iontophoresis – skincare professionals can successfully treat practically any skin condition, without causing any pain or discomfort.

These include sensitive and irritated skin, acne, dehydrated skin, various pigmentation, seborrhea, rosacea, and couperose.

Apollo Duet is also very effective in anti-aging treatment.

Precisely Tune All Treatment Parameters per the Therapeutic Goals

Apollo Duet allows skincare professionals to precisely tune all treatment parameters, including the technologies and Derma Boosters to be used, skin temperature before and during treatment, intensity of radio frequency (RF) and electrical currents, and polarity of iontophoresis.

By carefully setting all these parameters, Apollo Duet users can tailor the skincare treatment to fit patients’ specific skin condition, personal tolerance level, and the defined therapeutic goals.

Multiple Safety Mechanisms for Maximum Skin Protection

Apollo Duet incorporates several safety mechanisms, to guarantee optimal skincare results with maximum protection of patients’ skin:

  • A real-time heat sensor in the RF handpiece allows maintaining a constant skin temperature, for best treatment results and maximum skin protection.
  • An automatic shut-off mechanism prevents skin burns
  • The system emits therapeutic LED light wavelength of 630 nm – Multipolar Radio Frequency (RF) currents, for optimal energy scattering


Apollo Duet withstood multiple safety and operational inspections. It is manufactured to EEA standards, and is CE certified.


All functions of Apollo Duet are intuitive and easy to use. Its two handles are light (100 g each) and ergonomic.

Apollo Duet was meticulously designed to create a perfect treatment experience for both care giver and patient.

Multipolar Radio Frequency (RF)

The Apollo Duet multipolar radio frequency (RF) handpiece emits radio frequency currents, pulsing through 4 electrodes. When these currents flow into the skin, the electromagnetic energy is transformed into heat, up to a temperature of 42 ºC. The generated heat evenly spreads within the dermal matrix, triggering two physiological processes:

  • Contraction of existing collagen 1 fibers
  • Stimulation of fibroblast cells to produce new collagen and elastin

These two processes result in a firmer and tighter skin, with better hydration and fewer wrinkles. The anti-aging impact of the Apollo Duet radio frequency (RF) technology is already visible after the first treatment. 

Electroporation & Iontophoresis

Apollo Duet uses a combination of electroporation and iontophoresis to create micro-channels in the outer layer of the skin and effectively introduce therapeutic hydrophilic electrolytes (called Derma Boosters), through these micro-channels, into the deeper skin layers.

Apollo Duet can heat patients’ skin up to a temperature of 45 ºC, to improve absorption of the Derma Boosters, or cool the skin up to a temperature of -20 ºC, to calm inflamed or irritated skin, and to facilitate treatment.

The combination of both electroporation and iontophoresis, with skin heating or cooling when needed, guarantee maximum therapeutic results of the Derma Boost substances – boosting hydration, reducing inflammation, calming irritated skin, whitening, firming, and much more.

Technical Specifications

System Body

320 mm x 330 mm x 175 mm [WxDxH]

Weight: 4.9 Kg

Power Input:
100-240V, 50/60 Hz,
Max 100 VA (24V/ 5A)

Electroporation & Iontophoresis Handle

Length – 165 mm, Diameter – 37 mm

Weight: 0.1 Kg

Current Intensity: Level 0-50

Electric Pulse: Max 14Vp-p ±15%

Frequency: 5 KHz

Temperature: Cold: (-20)-20 ºC, Hot: 30-45 ºC

Radio Frequency (RF) Handle

Length – 165 mm, Diameter – 37 mm

Weight: 0.1 Kg

Current Intensity: Level 0-6
Energy: Max 60 Vrms ±15%
Frequency: 1 MHz
Embedded ‘Smart Check’ heat sensor

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